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Pawpaw (Cure For Deadly Diseases)

Pawpaw is grown in the tropical region of Africa and its cultivation has conveniently been extended into the forest regions. Pawpaw plant belongs to the family of "caricacea."
The plant is of two types; the male and female.
The male pawpaw is reserved by man for medical purpose only while the female pawpaw produces fruit for both food and medicine.
The medicinal value of pawpaw has been scientifically proved.
Scientist and traditional healers all over the world have agreed that pawpaw is known to be effective as a natural remedy for Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Bladder Problems Dysentery, Jaundice, and Constipation, etc.
Pawpaw contains Nutrients, including Vitamin A, B, C, Protein, Carbohydrate, etc. The juice from pawpaw is exported by some countries as preservative for "Chill-Proofing" beer, as medicine in Pharmacy and a raw material in leather and textiles industries, it is also used in the manufacturing of chewing gum.
Pawpaw leaves are used to tenderise food and as soap to remove stain. Traditional healers make infusion from the root and bark as natural cure for gonorrhoea and syphilis. Infusion of young pawpaw fruits cures serious stomach ulcers in a few days.
Parts of pawpaw plants are also used as natural remedy for skin diseases.
Infusion made from the young unripe fruits is used as cure for jaundice while the roots are known as natural remedy for kidney and bladder problems.
Scientists have prescribed pawpaw to assist protein digestion in chronic dyspepsia, gastric fermentation, and gastritis.
It has also been used in the treatment of chronic "Otitis media" (general term for inflammation or infection of the ear) and for dissolving the diphtheritic membrane.
Pawpaw can be used medicinally to cure the following:
1. JAUNDICE - Infuse some quantities of unripe pawpaw fruits for few. Take half a glass (liquid only) three times hours
2. IMPOTENCE - Pawpaw is very good to cure impotence. Cut two unripe pawpaw fruits into piece (seeds and peel inclusive). Bring to boil in eight bottles of water. Take half a glass thrice daily.
3. STOMACH ULCER - Get some unripe pawpaw fruits and cut into pieces. Boil all (the seeds and cover included) in a pot with water. Filter the boiled pawpaw after two days. Take half glass three times daily. Use only when it is warm.
4. ASTHMA - Burn dried pawpaw leaves and inhale the smoke during an attack of asthma. This immediately relieves the patient. To prevent an attack, inhale the smoke every night. This miraculously also has the potential of overcoming the asthma permanently. here are other disease too numerous to mention which paw-paw can cure.try it yourself and see the wonders of nature.
5 ULCER - Cut some fruits of unripe pawpaw fruits. Soak in clean water for few days and take half glass (liquid only) three times daily.
6 MALARIA - This plant can frankly help to overcome malaria fever, which is a very common cause of death in some parts of the world. To administer, squeeze some yellow pawpaw leaves in water, take a glassful three times daily for seven days.
7. CONSTIPATION - Squeeze a handful of pawpaw leaves in a glass of water and take for quick relieve.
8. TUBERCULOSIS - Chew and swallow a handful of ripe pawpaw seeds with garlic two times daily and mixture of ginger and bitter kola in a bottle of honey. Take a table spoonful morning and evening.
9. IRREGULAR MENSTRUATION - Grind dried pawpaw seeds and mix with lemon juice. Take quarter glass two times daily.
10. WORM - Chew a handful of ripe pawpaw seeds on empty stomach in the morning to kill and expel any worm in the stomach.
11. COUGH - Chew and swallow the liquid from tender pawpaw roots every three hours.
12. EPILEPSY - Grind dried pawpaw leaves and mix with palm kernel oil to Shea Butter. Use as body cream regularly.
13. PILES - Don't be surprised that millions of patience out there in the world still suffering from piles. Fortunately, pawpaw can effectively cure this disease. Just prepare as in the bronchitis below and take a glass twice daily as dosage.
14. BRONCHITIS - The root of pawpaw plant is a good remedy for respiratory problems like bronchitis. Get some pawpaw roots to boil. Take half a glass thrice daily.
15. CONVULSION - The dried pawpaw leaf is a good remedy for convulsion. Pick up the dry, fallen pawpaw leaves and grind into powder. Add two table spoonfuls of the powder to half a glass of palm kernel oil. Stir well and rub all over the body. This preparation is of great help during attack of convulsion. It promptly resolves the abnormal condition. It is also helpful in cases of high fever and can soothingly bring down the body temperature.
NOTE: None of the Pawpaw remedies as stated above should be taken by pregnant women.
Pawpaw Cure For Deadly Diseases


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