Friday, June 28, 2013

Eye Lid Skin Tag Removal - Quick and Easy

Removing skin tags is a fairly simple thing to do and can be done at home.
Some people like to go to the doctor in order to have this done, either because they are squeamish and do not like to take care of it themselves or because they don't want to run the risk of something going wrong.
If you follow some simple directions, however, the procedure is relatively safe and easy to take care of. There are times, however, whenever you may want to go to a doctor in order to have this procedure done.
A good example of this is when you are having eyelid skin tag removal done. Because it is so close to the eye, you may not want to treat it exactly the same as you would a normal skin tag. Unfortunately, eyelid skin tags are some of the most common that are found in those that are prone to this type of skin condition. Even though the skin tags are benign and relatively harmless, having them on your eyelids can be a constant irritant because you blink so many times during the day.
Removing them by snipping them off or tying little pieces of string around the base of the skin tag in order to cut off the circulation and kill it are fairly common. Doing this in the area of your eye, however, can cause additional problems that you would want to take into consideration. I don't know about you, but I would not want to use scissors or a razor blade that close to such a precious organ.
Eyelid skin tag removal, even if it is taken care of at the doctor is typically done in the same way as other types of skin tags. More than likely, they will be snipped off of the area with a sharp surgical tool and a Band-Aid will be applied in order to control the bleeding. The main difference between having it done by a doctor and doing it yourself is that you run less of a risk of something going wrong and damaging your eye.

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