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Endometriosis And Pregnancy: What You Need To Know

Research into endometriosis and pregnancy is carried out on a regular basis. There are questions about fertility, pregnancy and birth in those who also have endometriosis.
Endometriosis occurs as a result of the cells found inside the womb being found in other areas, these calls can be found on the inside and outside of the fallopian tubes, around the ovaries or on the outside of the womb.
For some women with endometriosis, getting pregnant can be an issue, however most do go on to conceive without the need for fertility treatment. There are a few cases of endometriosis where surgery has been needed to increase the individuals chance of becoming pregnant.
To diagnose endometriosis the individual will need to undergo a laparoscopic screening, a sample of tissue will be collected, this sample is then sent away for biopsy. Results of this test can usually take between 3 - 7 days. Following diagnosis, treatment will be given according to the patients needs.
The usual treatment for this condition, can affect the woman's chance of becoming pregnant, therefore if you are trying to become pregnant or you are pregnant you should always tell your doctor. This is so treatment can be changed accordingly.
Pregnancy during endometriosis can be troublesome, this is because the cells can cause severe pain, these pains plus the growing pains of pregnancy can sometimes be unbearable.
At present researchers of infertility treatment have discovered that 40 % of women who are pregnant also suffer with endometriosis. If the individual has the correct treatment for their needs they may be able to achieve a spontaneous pregnancy.

There is no cure for this condition, treatment can only help in dealing with the symptoms. The only time treatment will differ is if the individual is trying to become pregnant or they are already pregnant.
Endometriosis and pregnancy could lead to birth defects, miscarriage or possibly even an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies have the potential to be life threatening, if the individual does have endometriosis and they are pregnant, the appropriate tests will be carried out to determine a diagnosis.
An ectopic pregnancy occurs because the fertilised egg implants either outside of the womb, or inside the fallopian tubes. If an ectopic is left to continue the fertilised egg will either not survive or continue to grow. If the egg continues to grow this can cause serious health problems.
Ectopic pregnancies are more likely to occur in those who have had previous sexually transmitted infections and those who suffer with endometriosis. These STI's include Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.
Endometriosis and pregnancy does not cause problems for everyone, some women go on to achieve pregnancy, have a trouble free pregnancy and an uncomplicated birth. It has been suggested that a caesarean section may be done but my research has told me that in some cases this can cause other problems to occur. If you have any questions about Endometriosis and pregnancy speak with your doctor, they will be able to answer any questions you have.
Endometriosis And Pregnancy: What You Need To Know


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