Thursday, November 21, 2013

Home Remedies For Colds

There are over 160 different viruses which are continually evolving which can be the cause of a common cold, but unfortunately, medical scientists have yet to discover a chemical drug which can kill off these viruses.
Antibiotics have no effect against a cold, and are only effective against a bacterial infection as in upper respiratory infections such as bronchitis or pneumonia.
Here are some home remedies for colds which have stood the test of time, and are known to help reduce the symptom of common colds according to research carried out by Cardiff University's Common Cold Centre. New research at the University in 2008 has discovered that a simple hot drink of fruit cordial can give immediate relief from sneezing, cough, running nose and a sore throat.
Professor Eccles the Centre's Director compared the effects of a commercially produced blackcurrant and apple cordial either taken hot or at room temperature in some 30 volunteers with a common cold and discovered that it reduced the symptoms.
Professor Eccles recommended having a bottle of fruit cordial available whenever cold symptoms arose particularly in the winter months when cold viruses can thrive, or you can make your own cordials using the following fruits.
Home Remedy using Elderberries
Elderberry juice as a fruit cordial is an excellent source of vitamin C and has been scientifically proven to stop cold viruses replicating. Drink a hot tea made from elder with a squeeze of lemon to give sustained relief from the cold symptoms. There are several well known makers of the fruit cordial, but it can be brewed at home by boiling the juice from the fruits without the stalks, with a little sugar, a few cloves and ginger will produce a cordial.

Home Remedy using Lemon
Lemon is the traditional home remedy for the common cold. Hot lemon juice made from one lemon which is rich in Vitamin C with a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water should help alleviate the symptoms and reduce the duration of the illness.
Home Remedy using Ginger
Ginger is another great remedy for colds. A warm drink can be made as a tea by cutting or crushing stem ginger (about 12 grams) into a pulp and boiled to make an infusion. It should be strained and you can then add a little honey or sugar, and why not add some lemon juice for an extra boost.
Home Remedy using Garlic
An infusion made from garlic bulbs, is another old remedy to reduce the severity of a cold. Just boil a few garlic bulbs in a pot of water and drink when cool enough to drink. Garlic has been found to antiseptic properties by flushing out toxins from the body. Second hand garlic on the breath can be neutralised by chewing raw parsley which in itself is rich in Vitamin A and C and will help in detoxification. (Avoid parsley during pregnancy as it affects the uterus)
Home Remedies For Colds


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