Thursday, November 28, 2013

Itchy Scalp Sores? Try This Home Remedy For Instant Relief

Itchy scalp sores can be a very painful affliction. The good news is that they are often completely curable, and the symptoms can be normally be soothed with a simple, completely natural home remedy that you can knock up in minutes.
What is important, as with any sort of affliction, is to try and find out the root cause of the itchy scalp sores and begin there.
Itchy scalp sores can occur for a number of reasons. It's often got nothing to do with having dirty, unclean hair (although that is sometimes the case) - it can happen to people who are meticulously clean. Harsh shampoos and conditioners can cause the scalp to dry out and leave the follicles open to infection (folliculitis). Some other possible causes could be:
  • Stress related - brought on by exhaustion or emotional tension.
  • An allergic skin reaction (contact dermatitis).
  • Viral infections, such as chickenpox and shingles
  • A skin condition, such as acne.
  • A cyst, such as an epidermal or sebaceous cyst, a sac beneath the outer layer of the skin that is filled with a greasy white material. These cysts most often appear on the scalp, ears, face, back, or scrotum and are caused by plugged ducts at the site of a hair shaft. Other problems can develop if the cyst becomes infected.
(Please note that every case is different and if you have an extreme case of scalp problems or are worried and uncertain about anything I would highly recommend you consult your doctor or dermatologist).
The itchiness of your scalp could be caused by the harsh chemicals in your shampoo, as they strip the skin of it's natural oils and cause it to dry out and become irritated. Repeatedly scratching your scalp will cause small wounds and lesions which can then become infected and become increasingly sore.
I would recommend trying to replace your current shampoo with a natural one, like a Tea Tree Oil based shampoo. Tea Tree Oil is a fantastic anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory natural ingredient which will help to soothe your itchy scalp sores and prevent infections.
Birch is another gift from nature that native Americans used to clear up skin irritations. It can be used effectively for modern problems such as psoriasis, eczema etc. Simply boil the bark of birch trees in water, strain the mixture and after cooling, then apply to the scalp to help clear up your itchy scalp sores.
This is a simple natural home remedy which should help to soothe the itchy scalp sores and aid the healing process.
Itchy Scalp Sores? Try This Home Remedy For Instant Relief

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