Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Causes of Waist Pain and Their Treatment Methods

Due to improper posture while sitting, many people complain about pain in the waist and other surrounding areas. This is can also be attributed to the non-ergonomic chairs used that do not provide proper back support while working. However, aside from improper posture, other factors may also cause waist pain.
Pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, it is common to hear her complain of waist and back pain. This is primarily due to the uterus. As the uterus grows, it pushes on the sciatic nerve, thus, leading to lower back pain.
Sciatic Pain. When sciatic nerves, which traces its roots in the lower part of the spine and ending at the feet, experience pressure, that is how one feels back pain that reaches even the lower parts of the leg. Dislodgment of one of the discs in the lower spine constricts the nerves over it. Usually, this is a constant pain within the hip area and the feet.
Muscle Spasms. These are spontaneous tightening of some groups of muscles in the body. When a specific muscle group, such as the lower back area, involuntarily contracts, the result is waist pain that can last up to a couple of minutes.
For treatment measures, one of the simplest healing methods is to take long periods of rest and steering away from lifting heavy objects. Following are other known treatment methods depending on the cause of the waist pain.
Pain Treatment for Sciatic Nerves. For simple home remedy solutions, cold packs or heat therapy are known to help relax muscles and minimize pain in the sciatic nerves. For more severe waist pains, doctors would usually prescribe taking anti-inflammatory medicines and pain relievers to alleviate swelling and tenderness. If after applying compacts and taking oral medication the pain is not relieved, then surgical intervention may be necessary.
Pain Treatment for Muscle Spasms. These spontaneous contractions can be very discomforting for people who have back pains. Doctors recommend that muscle relaxants are taken to minimize occurrence of muscle spasms.
It is also advised that people with chronic waist and back pains engage in stretching exercises that help extend the waist area. However, this can be done only after seeking medical advice.
Causes of Waist Pain and Their Treatment Methods


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