Thursday, December 12, 2013

Non Medicinal Remedies for Depression

Depression is a psychological condition that is created by imbalances in the chemicals in the brain. The main culprit is the depletion of serotonin in the brain. Though people often prefer to have medicinal prescriptions for finding a way out of depression, there are some very simple methods that can bring about lasting cure from depression.
Mind and Spirituality
Meditation - This is one of the first treatments that any psychologist would prescribe for a depression ridden person. Meditating for at least ten minutes every day will surely calm your spirits and make you feel better. There are different kinds of meditation practices that you can opt from. The most basic one is where you simply sit comfortably and relieve your mind of all the thoughts that encroach upon its serenity. The idea here is to give complete relaxation to your body and mind.
Prayer - Prayer is another remedy that can help you become depression free. This works wonderfully because when you pray you are voicing out your depressing thoughts. This helps in enhancing your belief that your material and spiritual problems will be solved. Just like meditation, one must build the habit of praying for at least five to ten minutes every day.
Worship - Since worship is an external form of prayer and involves the use of rituals in a congregation, it works perfectly to alleviate your spirits. Research has shown that those who attend worship services have found lasting relief from depression.
Good sleep - Sound sleep is another way of calming your mind and thus getting rid of depression. Therefore, make it a point to sleep at least six to eight hours every night. You must also have a light dinner in order to get proper sleep.
Diary writing - Writing a diary can also be a great way to relieve all your pent up feelings that is causing the depression. The best way to use diary writing to cure depression is by writing down all those disturbing things that happened each day, at the end of the day. As you proceed with this activity for a week, you will surely find the difference that it is making to your overall mood.
Physical Exercises
Yoga - Going for yoga classes and practicing yoga at home can be a great way to lift your moods. The various postures and the different body stretches that yoga incorporates have been scientifically proven to boost your spirits. The mixture of mind and body exercises that yoga promotes can surely help you find relief from depression.
Aerobics - Just like yoga, aerobic exercises can also help boost your spirits. All the body movements and sweating out will naturally help in the increased production of brain chemicals to decrease your depression.
Random exercises - Rather than sticking to any particular mode of exercise, you can simply exert your body any way you want to achieve your desired result, which is getting rid of depression. You can embark on your daily exercise routine by doing the kinds of exercise that you find interesting. You can also engage in outdoor games like football and volleyball to find complete cure from depression.
Thus, it can be seen that with these non medicinal methods depression can be cured easily. The only that matters here is persistence. These remedies are not supposed to give instant relief from depression. They have to be practiced regularly to have some solid effect.
Non Medicinal Remedies for Depression


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