Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Upper Back Pain - The Computer User's Ailment!

Everyday each of us can renew our efforts to lead a more healthy lifestyle so that we can remain free from illness and pain this includes back pain. Every health expert will advise that as part of any healthy living plan regular exercise should play an important part. For a large majority of people enrolling at the local gym is the answer which will also produce results. There is one negative point however - upper back pain.
What is the cause of upper back pain? In many instances bad posture is the culprit. This is often because we spend long periods of time sitting or standing in the same position, generally this tends to be in our place of work. Sitting at desk top computers is another source of this problem! By maintaining the same position the muscles in the upper back which connect the shoulders and help to keep our back straight become tense, stiff and painful.
If you find yourself suffering upper back pain it is highly likely that you have strained a muscle or maybe you have a slipped disc, both of these conditions can be extremely painful but are easily treated by your doctor following an accurate diagnosis using x-rays. Other causes of upper back pain include over enthusiastic physical exercise and most commonly heavy lifting which is carried out incorrectly i.e. without bending the knees and keeping the back straight.
Keeping fit through physical exercise should not be stopped because of upper back pain, indeed it is an excellent method to prevent this painful problem and can help in relieving symptoms. The use of weights as part of a gym workout may not be advisable, however if great care is taken and under close supervision of a trained professional it is still possible. There are numerous other types of exercise which can be continued whilst suffering upper back pain such as jogging or walking either using a treadmill at home or out on the streets. The whole aim is to prevent stiffening of the muscles.
Swimming has to be one of the best methods of exercise because it uses all the bodies muscles. When swimming above water the weight of your body is supported which lets the muscles and spine to relax and stretch out, ideal for easing upper back pain.
The best way to avoid upper back pain is to try to avoid sitting or standing in the same position for extended periods, if it is possible try to have a stretch break every hour or so. This may not be possible therefore, you should try to find ways of jogging your memory throughout the day to keep your posture correct - put little notes round your computer screen! It will eventually come naturally and hopefully the problem will disappear.
By Scotie Keithlow Platinum Quality Author


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