Friday, January 17, 2014

A Tale of Cholesterol, Statins, CoQ10, and Green Tea Benefits

If the research is correct, green tea benefits your heart, your vascular system, and brain function. It may also help prevent cancer. Why isn't everyone aware of the green tea health benefits?
Food and supplement manufacturers must be wary about the statements that they make on their packages.
In order to list a health benefit, there must be mountains of evidence to "prove" that the statement is true. The evidence comes from scientific studies - and the studies are expensive to complete.
Most of the research that is conducted today is performed by pharmaceutical companies. Obviously, they aren't interested in preventing anything, unless the beneficial ingredient is a compound that they can patent.
You can't patent naturally occurring substances. So they have little, if any, interest in them.
That why most people don't know about green tea benefits, the importance of specific nutrients in the diet, or molecular activity that is the root cause behind the affect that age has on our bodily systems.
There are some natural health advocates that truly believe that the medical community wants to keep us sick, because that's what keeps them in business. My opinion is not quite that strong. I believe that they prescribe too many quick temporary fixes and unproven prescription drugs.
Just as an example, millions of people have problems with high total cholesterol and an imbalance between the "good" and "bad" cholesterol that exists in our bloodstream.
Cholesterol control is not thought to be one of the green tea health benefits, but it is a known benefit of omega3 supplementation. Yet, instead of suggesting this kind of supplement to a patient, doctors choose to prescribe statin drugs.
They claim that the benefit of omega3 supplementation is unproven, but that the benefit of statins is proven.
In truth, there have been more studies conducted concerning the benefit of omega3s than concerning the benefit of statins. In addition, statins are known to inhibit the production of coenzyme Q10 within the muscles of the body, including the heart, where it is crucial for proper functioning.
One of the green tea health benefits is a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, but if you are taking statins and not taking a COQ10 supplement, then you could have a problem. COQ10 depletion causes muscle death. No matter how much green tea benefits the heart, it cannot prevent this depletion.
This story about cholesterol, statins, COQ10, and green tea health benefits is just one example of how natural remedies are still being hidden from the general public and prescription drugs are being prescribed... even though they are accompanied by unwanted side effects.
How many drugs have been recalled in your lifetime?
In addition to learning more about the green tea benefits, you might also want to learn about the value of other herbs and nutritional supplements. Some of the best provide the green tea and other health benefits.
Green tea benefits to the heart and brain may be hard to beat. But there are other organs that need protection, too.


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