Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why Cabbage is Good For Weight Loss

Research has shown that cabbage is a great weight loss food. Apart from the fact that it's a green leafy vegetable, a cup of cabbage contains only fifteen calories. Leafy greens are one of the best kind of whole foods you can eat.
But that's not all, because cabbage also contains:
Lactic acid which can assist in disinfecting your colon.
Vitamin C which many believe helps your cells to burn fat.
Vitamin A for good eye health.
Phytonutrients which help protect you from free radicals that can damage your cells walls and are named suspects for causing cancer.
Vitamin E, which helps your skin glow and stay healthy. This anti-oxidant, when mixed with honey and dabbed on the face, can even keep wrinkles ot a minimum. It only takes 30ml cabbage juice left on those wrinkles for 20 minutes, morning and evening.
If you like red cabbage you get something extra. It contains an antioxidant called anthocyanin, which is the ingredient behind the red colour. Anthocyanin helps protect your brain cells and many scientists believe it could be an important ally against Alzheimer's disease. According to a Japanese study undertaken in February 2008, anthocyanins also show great promise as "fat fighters". The reason for this, is that the antioxidants in red cabbage could also help with metabolic syndrome which can cause obesity, hypertension and insulin problems.
The fastest way to enjoy the benefits of cabbage is by drinking 25-50ml of fresh, raw cabbage juice each day. It's also a well known aid for peptic ulcers. Four glasses a day will accelerate the healing process and relieve the pain. It does wonders for your insides. The best cabbage for this purpose is called the Coallis Lombarda. The reason it is so good, is because it contains high doses of Vitamin U. This powerful vitamin is one of nature's strongest weapons against gastric and intestinal disorders. In a report from Stanford Medical School, 62 out of 65 cases that were treated for gastric ulcer, were cured after just three weeks.
Trouble is, it's hard to find this cabbage. But don't let this deter you; ordinary cabbage contains loads of good stuff and is almost as good. One could almost say "a cabbage juice a day keeps the doctor away."


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