Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Skin Care - Caring for Vitiligo in Winter

Winter temperatures and drying heat present challenges for any skin. It is an especially trying time of year for those with vitiligo.
Skin is a living, breathing organ that needs feeding. All natural skin care is important to skin health and very necessary for vitiligo skin.
I recommend starting with good quality soap with all natural ingredients that are shown to help heal vitiligo. The blackseed and honey soap as well as the hemp and neem soap that I recommend to all clients are examples of soaps that cleanse and hydrate the skin, while discouraging inflammation and bacteria. These soaps are a good choice for vitiligo skin, dry skin or any type of inflamed skin, especially in the winter.
Hyrdation is very important to winter skin and very important to vitiligo. Vitiligo Herbal Skin Cream Extra Strength provides nutrients, enzymes, anti-inflammatory agents and herbal psoralens that encourage re-pigmentation while quelling inflammatory responses that encourage vitiligo to spread and inflammation inducing agents to build up on the inner and outer layers of skin. The cream is rich in healing emollients in a creamy lotion that helps to protect vitiligo skin from the damaging effects of winter weather and drying indoor heat.
Hydration from the inside is equally important to healthful skin and to encourage healing vitiligo. Water, with a twist of lemon or lime, throughout the day, encourage the thyroid and entire metabolic system to function properly. Water hydrates the layers of skin from the inside out. It cleans the system of toxins and debris, while encouraging the healthful flow of blood and lymph fluid.
Supplements are also important to healthful winter skin. My herbal regimen encourages re-pigmentation in vitiligo. I recommend daily supplementation with picrorrhiza, phyllanthus and holy basil, to encourage balance in all internal organs, and to promote re-pigmentation in all vitiligo patches, in addition to keeping skin healthful throughout the winter. The nutritional value of these supplements are immense and specific to the needs of those with skin ailments, such as vitiligo. Keeping the immune system running smoothly and efficiently with supplements lessen the harsh effects of winter on skin, and especially on vitiligo skin.
This winter, take good care of your skin, inside and out, with the nature based skin regimen recommended in my book, Wanakee's Nutritional Approach to Vitiligo & Other Autoimmune Diseases.



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