Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lower Back Pain Plus Stomach Pain - Learn To Stop The Two

Having to bear lower back pain accompanied with stomach pain is an experience no one should ever have to go through. Scientists and doctors all over the world are groping around, mostly in the dark, trying to put their finger on the cause of lower back pain. So far as women are concerned doctors are sure that lower back pain accompanied with stomach pain is related to their menstrual cycles and this is something that can be dealt with a fair amount of ease.
However, doctors have admitted that it is not an easy thing to pinpoint the cause of lower back pain accompanied with stomach pain. They insist that a patient who can keep a track of the symptoms and report them to the doctor will make the process of diagnosing the cause and arriving at a better and effective treatment an easier task.
Some of the causes of lower back pain accompanied with stomach pain are related to the more common urinary infections and kidney or bladder problems, then again you may have a serious bowel problem. Whatever the cause of your lower back pain and abdominal pain you will soon find that it is very difficult to pinpoint and even more difficult to treat effectively. Most treatments available will prove to be temporary in nature and the condition will recur frequently.
In most cases where the lower back pain is caused by a urinary tract infection or cystitis a bout of stomach pain is also accompanied along with the lower back pain. There will also be a bit of inflammation in the abdominal region. There will mostly be a burning sensation in the stomach or back. Kidney stones are another reason for lower back pain and stomach pain.
If lower back pain accompanied by stomach pain is caused by kidney stones the pain will be so severe that the patient will not be able to stand or sit. In such cases the best resort is to use a local anesthetic to relieve the pain temporarily while the doctor treats the cause of the pain. In more unfortunate cases the pain is caused by tumors in the kidney and this scenario will have to be dealt with by the best experts in the field. Self, over the counter medication is strictly ruled out in cases where the pain is caused by kidney malfunctions or dysfunctions.
Doctors may also consider dysfunctions of the bowels to try to locate the cause of lower back pains accompanied by stomach pains. In such cases the doctor may prescribe some pathological tests to arrive at the proper conclusion and also to decide which medication is the best suited for the patient's recovery. One sure-shot way to tell if the back pains and stomach pains is caused by the bowels is that the pain will come in waves, mostly between small amounts of exertions. Remember to tell the doctor this if he does not ask. Most lower back pains are cased by bowel disorders.
Other areas that your doctor will consider are the bowels. For instance both constipation and diarrhea can be painful. The doctor will do more tests if you indicate you've had a change in your bowel patterns when you began to get lower back pain with stomach pain. One surefire way to tell if you are experiencing pain from the bowels is the nature of the pain itself. It would come in waves with minimal discomfort, or none at all in between the pain.
If you happen to have lower a bloated or swollen lower belly, this may be a warning flag for conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome. Notice fresh blood or tarry looking stools? This would need investigating as well.
Your pain may feel like it's coming from the womb or any other of your internal reproductive organs. This would mean you would experience the pain in the middle of the lower belly, just above the line of public hair about as far up as the navel. There might be more pain to one side than the other - usually an indication of an ovary being inflamed etc. If you have pain when you have sex, you would feel that deep in your pelvic area. The possible range of conditions is varied. You could be looking at pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts, fibroids or maybe even endometriosis. In any event, don't wait call your doctor immediately.


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