Sunday, March 9, 2014

Alkalize or Die - Fact or Fiction?

The inside of your body (except for the digestive acids produced in your stomach) is primarily alkaline.
Your body works hard to maintain proper pH levels throughout the various tissues in your body. But, nowhere is it more important than your blood stream, where the pH balance is normally an average of 7.4. If it drops to 7.2 the red blood cells will bind together and not carry the proper nutrients and oxygen needed by the tissues to live. Without oxygen, you will quickly suffer either a heart attack or a stroke.
Your body's pH balance is very sensitive. pH stands for potential hydrogen, and this is a scale that science uses to measure the relationship between alkaline and acid. The scale measures from 1-14. The higher the number, the more alkaline the reading. Different parts of the body maintain different pH levels. The outside of your body the skin, hair and nails are more acidic.
The majority of diseases within the human body are due to the behavior of uric acid. Together with oxalic acid and oxylates, it is responsible for arteriosclerosis, arthritic-rheumatism and the formation of calculi. Their presence in excessive quantities aggravates all other forms of disease. It serves a useful purpose in the economy of the human organism, but becomes a source of irritation and cause of disease only when it is present in the circulation and tissues in excessive amounts.
The acids accumulate in excessive amounts when they don't become neutralized by alkaline elements. Once the acids accumulate to a point beyond a certain limit, the blood, along with its alkalinity, loses its power to dissolve and neutralize these substances and they form a sticky, glue-like colloid substance which blocks up the blood vessels and capillaries.
This in turn, prohibits the blood from passing easily from the arterial system to the venous circulation and leads to high blood pressure. The nerves become irritated, the mucous membranes give rise to headaches, rheumatic pains in the joints and muscles occur, and dizziness, depression, fainting and even epilepsy can result. All the tissues and organs in the body can suffer negative consequences due to congestion of the blood.
So how can an excess accumulation of acids effect your body?
    • Carbonic acid accumulation prevents the entrance of oxygen into the cells and tissues, thus causing asphyxiation, or oxygen starvation, which manifests in the symptoms of anemia and tuberculosis.
    • Sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid overabundance can actually burn up the tissues of the body. They destroy the cellulose membranes, which form the protective skin of the cells, dissolve the protoplasm, and allow acids to escape into the circulation.
    • Phosphorus acid excess can burn up the tissues of the body too, but also overstimulates the brain and the nervous system, causing nervousness, irritability, hysteria and different forms of mania. (Soda pop is loaded with phosphorus).
    Your body works extremely hard to eliminate these acids and alkalize itself. It does this by burning alkaline minerals. It has to, otherwise we would die. Where does it get the alkaline minerals if it is not present in our diet? Anywhere it can. These minerals will be sapped from our teeth, bones and tissues in order to neutralize the acids and prepare them for elimination.
    Our skin, muscles and tendons will start to sag, losing their tone, getting weak and becoming painful. They are robbed of all the essential alkaline minerals they require to stay alive and working properly.
    Every day we should be replacing those alkaline minerals in the form of healthy raw, live foods. If you are burning alkaline minerals every day just to stay alive, your blood pH balance will become acidic and create a perfect environment for sickness and disease.
    Sickness and disease thrive in an acid environment, but it can not live in an alkaline environment. The human body needs a 4-1 ratio of alkaline-to-acid intake to remain healthy. Any else is detrimental.
    The only source of alkaline is fruits and vegetables. Most are alkaline producing. All meats, dairy, over-cooked and processed foods are acid producing. Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and refined sugar are all extremely acid producing.
    So keep your body flushed & balanced. It could extend your life.By
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