Monday, March 10, 2014

Cherries and Gout Pain

As word gets out about cherries and gout, many people are looking to learn more about this amazing natural gout remedy. Although cherries do help to prevent gout, this tiny red fruit doesn't work for everyone, so results will vary. So by setting realistic expectations, it's makes sense for anyone afflicted with this painful disease, to see why cherries are a very popular natural gout cure.
The main ingredients in the Montmorency tart cherry juice and the fresh fruit that combat gout is flavonoids. This variety of this ruby red fruit is grown in the Traverse Bay Farms region of Michigan. It is the presence of flavonoids that help to reduce the uric acids in the body. As you know, gout is the result of excessive levels of uric acid. Over time the uric acid begins to crystallize and since these formations are heavier than the blood carrying them, they begin to form deposits. Thanks to gravity, these heavy deposits tend to gather in the lower parts of the body, especially between the joints of the big toe. The reason, the space between the big toe is one of the largest in the body.
How did cherries become gout fighting champion?
The first published study in modern times was back in the 1950's. It was Dr. Ludwig Blau that first published his finding on the gout fighting capability of the tart cherry. The good doctor was so afflicted with gout, that he was confined to his wheelchair for several days until a friend told him about cherries. He soon began eating cherries and within a week his pain was gone. He was so excited about his experience he conducted a study on 12 gout sufferers. The participants in his clinical study ate about a pound of cherries or drank a glass of tart cherry juice each day of the study.
According to the published results, the uric acid levels of the individuals dropped back to pre-gout levels. In addition, the test subjects reported an increase in range of motion and most importantly the pain all but disappeared.
Prevention of Gout
Since gout is the result of high levels of uric acid in the body, gout can be combated naturally. In addition to drinking the Montmorency tart cherry juice, here are some additional strategies to fighting the gout:
- Drink 8 - 10 glasses of water per day. This will help your kidneys to flush out excess uric acid levels.
- Consume foods that are low in uric acid. These food will help you to reduce the chances of an attack. Foods like, fresh fruits, veggies, fruit juices, potatoes and low-fat dairy products.
- Lose at least 5 pounds.
- Avoid high uric acid foods including kidneys, brains, mushrooms, beans, peas and creamy sauces.
- Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol.
Treatment of this disease
As mentioned earlier in this article, cherry juice is a start to fighting this painful disease. However, for some sufferers it may not be enough. Some alternatives include medications including nonsteroidial anti-inflammatory drugs. When taking these, an individual should consult their doctor. However, if you're looking for a natural remedy consider adding tart cherry juice concentrate to your diet.-By Russ Rudolph


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