Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cure Piles at Home - 9 Natural Treatment of Hemorrhoids

Self medication abounds for the home treatment of hemorrhoids. Most of them involve the use of herbal and "natural" remedies that have been traditionally known to relieve the painful and discomforting symptoms of hemorrhoids. In addition, there are simple measures you can adopt in your daily sleeping and hygiene habits worth going into as they have been known to further mitigate the discomforts of hemorrhoids.
But not every hemorrhoid sufferers can benefit from them. Some people may have body constitution or medical condition that can risk being complicated by these herbal concoctions, so it is best and prudent to consult with your doctor and seek professional medical advice and consent before proceeding with self-medication. When cleared, home-based treatment for first degree to mild hemorrhoids can and do work when followed religiously. They include any or a combination of the following:
Using over-the-counter hemorrhoid medication
Hemorrhoid outgrowths can be palpable around the anus. If there's an unusual anal tissue protrusion right after a bowel movement, you can generously apply a dose of neosprin ointment on the tissue and then with your fingers push it back into the rectum. This can be done with nearly all cases of hemorrhoids in their early stages of mild severity. Check out your pharmacist at your local drugstore as there are a number of non-prescription creams and ointments in the market for hemorrhoid sufferers.
Simple Measures at Home 1. Reduce pressure to your anal vessels by improving your posture when sitting. In severe cases, you may need to undergo psychophysical re-education from a special method called the Alexander Technique.
2. Use a squatting posture whenever you are relieving yourself of your bowels.
3. An ice pack placed over the external hemorrhoid tissue and left for 15 - 20 minutes can relieve the swelling and itching. You can do this first thing in the morning or before sleeping and every after bowel movement.
4. Direct a pulsating stream of cold water from a hand-held shower massage to the external hemorrhoid tissue for a few minutes everyday after taking a bath or relieving your bowel. This helps to minimize the swelling, control the itch and over time, eliminate your hemorrhoid condition. Use low pressure at first,
increasing it over the next few days as your tolerance allows it.
5. External hemorrhoids resulting from poor blood circulation coupled with varicose veins or varicocele in your lower extremities can be reduced or even eliminated over time by sleeping with raised legs every night.
Using Natural Substances and Herbal extracts
6. Herbal dietary supplements have been known to help relieve the discomforts of hemorrhoids as well as prevent aggravation and future occurrence. Among them are Butcher's Broom, the Japanese Pagoda Tree extracts, bromelain and Horse-chestnut. Other herbal concoctions known to strengthen cell walls and maintain cardiovascular health are rutin, bioflavonoids and Hem-eez.
7. Natural astringents and soothing agents like Witch hazel, cranesbills, Aloe Vera and honey when topically applied can also work to relieve hemorrhoid symptoms.
8. Drink chamomile tea frequently at various times of the day.
9. Hemorrhoidal swelling and itching can be alleviated by drinking 99% pure juice from aloe.
Cure Piles at Home - 9 Natural Treatment of Hemorrhoids


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