Friday, March 21, 2014

Nine Sleep Deprivation Symptoms

Few of us get enough sleep. You may be one of many who go to bed late and wake up early feeling exhausted during the day. This first 30 minutes of the morning, as you hunt for the coffee, can be some of the worst. After long enough you might notice that your thinking becomes fuzzy. The afternoons become harder to cope with and eventually you lose your edge. If you continue to sleep less than you should not only does your thinking become impared, you lose your temper more often, and you get angry over trivial things. Maybe we all are experiencing a little bit of sleep deprivation. There are many symptoms of sleep deprivation that act on our bodies and our minds. Sleep deprivation symptoms can be a source of problems at home problems at work and can even cause serious health conditions. If you have been feeling overworked and frazzled lately, the circumstances may not be the issue, the issue may be sleep deprivation symptoms.
Not getting enough rest hurts your mind and body. It makes it hard to deal with life - even little things become a challenge. It might not seem like a big deal but when you're suffering from sleep deprivation waiting in line at the grocery store maybe too much to handle. That guy who cut you off in traffic, it just seems unbearable and sends you over the deep end. While sleep deprivation can cause you to get more stressed out stress can actually lead to poor sleep. The stress hormones your body releases can keep you up at night, especially if you're in midlife. Research shows that the people who sleep best while under stress focus on the tasks at hand while those who sleep worst focus on their emotions like anger, frustration, and impatience.
Relationship Troubles
If you're sleeping in separate bedrooms, fighting every night, and haven't had a good talk in weeks it may be from sleep deprivation. It turns out that sleep deprivation also causes relationship issues. These problems are a result of your decreased mental performance, exhaustion, and agitation. You get a short wick and everything sets you off when you're sleep deprived.
Can you remember the last time you go to good night of sleep? If not your memory maybe suffering causing you to have those senior moments. Research shows that deep sleep is key for memory because it strengthens connections in the brain. If you don't get enough deep sleep to bring has fewer connections between the nerves and your memory suffers. This is true for humans and animals is a bad sign for your longevity. Why live to old age if your mind wears out?
Overall Health

If your sleep suffers so will your health. Sleep deprivation symptoms can include things like increased insulin sensitivity which is terrible for diabetics. This makes keeping a blood sugar at a good level even harder. Unfortunately, higher blood pressure is also a symptom. As if all that wasn't bad enough, your immune system also suffers as it lowers your defenses. White blood cell count drops in your immune system becomes less potent.
If you've ever had to stumble into the office on Monday or had to ask the same question three times in the afternoon meeting you may be suffering from an concentration problems. Sleep deprivation signs include the inability to concentrate. It only gets worse with sleep debt which means the longer you go without sleep the worse the worse your concentration becomes.
Weight Gain
Unfortunately for those of us trying to lose weight, sleep deprivation symptoms include increased appetite. As if it wasn't hard enough to control your diet, if you don't sleep well, you have stronger cravings for food and it becomes harder to stay out of the cookie jar or freezer for ice cream. If you don't sleep well you're probably awake longer and this gives you more time to deal with painful feelings of hunger. Research shows sleep deprivation symptoms include increased cravings for sugar and sweets making healthy choices seem less and less attractive. Sleep deprivation is also linked to higher obesity rates. Sleep
Sleep deprivations symptoms include decreased motor skills. You're unable to use your fingers to do the delicate work of sewing, tying knots, writing, or drawing. If it gets bad enough, you will be at the same level as someone who is legally drunk. You can also have problems with speech.
Deprivation symptoms also vision problems. This can be a serious issue as it can contribute to accidents, car crashes, mishaps, and falls. If the world seems fuzzy and distorted it could be from sleep deprivation. If it gets bad enough you'll start to see hallucinations which will seem like dreams but the line between dream and awake becomes so thin you can't tell the difference. You will be in the middle of a meeting and jump out of your chair to avoid a lion only to snap out of the vision and see everyone staring at you. "Just stretching, just stretching... " These embarrassing episodes are a symptom of sleep deprivation.
Decision Making
Making good decisions is hard. Every parent wants their children to make good decisions and tries their hardest to teach them how to avoid poor decisions. Unfortunately if you don't sleep well you're more apt to make poor decisions. What happens is you don't get enough REM sleep and therefore your brain doesn't regenerate and recover as well as it should. This lack of sleep doesn't let your mind reorganize and strengthen itself. You are more likely to make bad decisions or risky decisions. You can also act more aggressively in order to achieve short-term gains. The list of bad decisions is endless.
Mood Swings
Not hard to connect the dots here but if you're agitated, tired, and quick tempered you can see how you can have big mood swings. Things that normally wouldn't be a big deal become a big issue if your sleep deprived. Studies have even shown the children who get less sleep than desired are more likely to misbehave. Depression, exhaustion, and an self-centeredness are all linked to sleep deprivation.
The symptoms vary from decreased physical performance in tasks that require coordination or memory all the way to emotional when you don't get enough rest. The good news is, the cure is easy - sleep more.By


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