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Natural Cure for Psoriasis

Is There a Natural Cure for Psoriasis? In fact, most doctors will tell you it is a chronic condition with no cure. Even when symptoms disappear, recurrences are commonplace. It is heartening, therefore, to hear accounts of psoriasis patients who were able to beat the affliction.
Positive Case Studies
Dr. John Pagano is a former chiropractor who became a specialist in treating psoriasis and achieved amazing success with his patients. In his award-winning book: Healing Psoriasis: Natural Alternatives, he cites some of his stunning case histories of patients who were 'cured' for years.
He largely ascribes their success to the diet he recommended, which follows rather strict guidelines. To make it easier to follow, Dr. Pagano also wrote a recipe book, Dr. John's Healing Psoriasis Cookbook, to provide tasty ways of preparing the allowed foods.
The Hereditary Factor
One of the reasons psoriasis is believed to be incurable is that many cases are due to hereditary factors. In fact, genetics accounts for about 30% of the cases in North America.
What is heartening is the relatively new science of epigenetics. The epigenome is a molecular structure that actually affects how our genes express themselves. In other words, you are not necessarily doomed by poor genes! Studies are underway to discover more about how the epigenome operates. However, we do know that a healthy lifestyle can positively affect an individual's epigenome over time.
Twin Studies
Twin studies, too, point to the fact that lifestyle is a huge determinant of an individual's health. One twin may smoke, eat an unhealthy diet and avoid exercise, and develop disease. Her twin, sharing the identical DNA, practices a healthy lifestyle and is totally disease-free.
Immune System Factor
An over-active immune system is another major cause of psoriasis. You may read that no one knows why an immune system becomes over-active. However immunologists can outline a number of factors.
One of the main reasons lies with certain cells in the immune system, called T-Suppressor Cells. These cells have the special function of ending (or suppressing) an immune system attack on a foreign invader.
How do they know when to do this? Messenger cells give them the order to call off the attack.
What happens is that these immune system messengers and their communication pathways become reduced in number due to age, and/or numerous infections, and exposure to toxins, for example.
The result? Those T-Suppressor cells just keep on attacking until eventually enough messenger cells do get through.
Leaky Gut Syndrome
This is a situation where small holes in the gastro intestinal tract let small particles of food out into the bloodstream. Since theses food particles are outside of their normal metabolic pathway, the immune system identifies them as foreign invaders and attacks them.
This is another situation of an auto-immune attack which has a bearing on psoriasis.
In fact, our Dr. Pagano also wrote a book on this syndrome as a result of his mission to learn more about how to help his psoriasis patients. Happily Leaky Gut Syndrome can both be avoided, and cured.
The Stress Factor
Anther reason psoriasis keeps coming back is stress. A stressful lifestyle may have been the initial trigger for psoriasis since stress imbalances the immune system. And an imbalanced immune system can trigger psoriasis.
Adding to the problem is the fact that psoriasis, itself, can cause emotional upset, even depression, leading to more stress. We know of psoriasis sufferers who hid away from the world out of shame for their unsightly lesions. It can be a never-ending, vicious cycle. In fact, stress is a huge factor in psoriasis's recurrence. Stress is the number one reason an immune system becomes compromised.
An immune system can become imbalanced in two major ways:
1. It becomes underactive. In this instance, natural killer cells, and other I.S. elements, are not plentiful enough to counter an immune system attack. Cancer is an example of a disease that can result from an under-performing immune system.
2. It becomes over-active, and attacks 'self' resulting in what are called 'auto-immune diseases.' Psoriasis, multiple sclerosis and arthritis are examples of these diseases.
While an immune system is very delicate and complex, it can often be brought into better balance under the care of an experienced immunologist. Self-treating with immune system 'boosters' could do more harm than good.
Of course, it is advisable to see a doctor at the first signs of psoriasis, or any medical issue. All individuals are unique and may respond differently to different treatments.
The good news is that managing stress, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding toxins will not only benefit both types of Immune System imbalances, but also alleviate psoriasis.By
Natural Cure for Psoriasis


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