Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stomach Gas Causes - How to Eliminate the Causes of Chronic Stomach Gas

Are you constantly bloated or have chronic stomach pain or discomfort with no obvious cause? If so then today you'll find out what stomach gas causes really are and what you can do to immediately begin achieving relief.
Did you know that the majority of stomach gas is caused by a lack of bowel movements. This stagnation in the intestines creates blockages which cause food to putrefy and ferment in the body. This situation creates a great deal of gas which can travel back up the digestive tract and cause acid reflux or travel down and cause intestinal gas. The most common result of all of this is something known as a candida overgrowth which flourishes in these situations and creates a chronic cycle of poor health.
How to Start Achieving relief in 3 steps
#1. Chew all food thoroughly:
Chew every mouthful of food until it is essentially a paste like consistency, anything less and you risk the food being improperly digested and causing problems within the body. 40 times is the suggested amount that is recommended
#2. Take Fiber Shakes Daily: 15-25 grams of fiber per day through the use of 1-3 fiber shakes daily. Make sure to also drink adequate water throughout the day in order to sufficiently propel and hydrate the fiber to allow it to move through the bowels cleanly and smoothly.
#3. Eliminate Candida: The root of virtually all chronic health problems is a condition known as candida. This yeast exists in essentially 90% of the population (Everyone except babies for the most part). It creates fermentation in the bowels which creates gas and as a result bloating and general discomfort is experienced. With the proper natural cleansing efforts though, one of which is bowel cleansing with fiber shakes you can rid yourself of this condition for life & never experience uncomfortable bloating ever again.By Ryan Shea


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