Friday, April 4, 2014

The 10 Step Cortisol-Insulin Cure For Boomer Belly Fat

Menopausal women more than men, though belly fat doesn't discriminate, in larger numbers than ever thanks to the baby boom generation are fighting the battle of the bulge.
Belly fat that gathers at the midsection plagues even older adults who've never had weight challenges before. There's more to it than just not fitting into your skinny jeans. It's a health risk. Turns out there's more details than exercising more and eating less, too.
More research into this visceral fat, that is, the deposit around the midsection, reveals the connection between Cortisol and insulin is a key. Cortisol, long the villain in stress and blamed for belly fat, isn't the lone cuprit. Insulin and cortisol together seem to be the bandits of the leaner more youthful figure you once had.
No longer do experts in physical activity and nutrition think it's math problem. Fewer calories in and more calories out is not the answer when dreaded hormones, like cortisol and insulin come knocking. The good news is that this visceral belly fat is actually easier to budge than the subcutaneous fat that lets you pinch-an-inch. This 10 step action plan can get you closer to removing that belly fat for good.
1. Check your sleep. If you're not getting the requisite 7-9 hour average and you need it your cortisol levels are likely partly to blame. Sleep is a recovery time for many body and mind processes and it does wonders for stress. After all, it usually is better in the morning.
2. Decrease stress. See number one. Beyond sleep though, check your waking hours and seek out ways that you can reduce stress in your day. You can't always avoid the toxic people in your life, however. So look at your next seven days on a calendar. What on that is an appointment that helps you deal with stress. Do you have a date with a girlfriend? Do you have a reason to laugh? Are you attending a party or attending an interesting art event? Do you have time put aside to exercise or get out in nature?
3. Are you getting sunshine? Either being in it or seated next to windows can be a benefit. Sunlight produces positive hormones that don't by themselves solve the problem but getting sunlight daily can play a big part in avoiding depression and enhancing feel-good hormones. A happy belly has less fat.
4. Get social. Spending too much time alone leaves you void of social stimulation that plays a positive role in hormones. Our own little minds can play evil tricks and whisper less-than-helpful advice. Some alone time is great. Keep a balance and don't let yourself hibernate.
5. Check the alcohol at the door. When it says BYOB make yours water. A glass is OK. Alcohol is sugar. It also tends to reduce your inhibitions. So not only will your vino create an insulin response that stops fat metabolism, but you'll be more likely to have the fettuccine Alfredo than the grilled salmon.
6. Sugar is not so sweet. If you review number five about you already know why. The problem is that it's lingering in your "healthy" foods too. Fruit without a balance of cheese or peanut butter or yogurt to reduce the blood sugar surge is going to have the same effect on your fat deposits as alcohol. The suggestion is not to eliminate fruit. Just reduce the amount in favor of more vegetables. When you do consume it, also munch on nuts or a meal that is high in protein and healthy fat.
7. Reduce or eliminate processed foods. It's hard to go without them 100% in our immediate gratificatio society. We've become so used to using them. The problem with processed foods is the added chemicals that we just don't need. The accumulation of these over time is a greater concern as we age. If you reduce processed foods the natural alternative is that you eat more whole and healthy food in place of it.
8. Increase your protein within healthful limits. Track your eating for a week. Make a point to check whether you eat lean protein with fruits and vegetables at each meal, and snack. Once you do that, you may just find you're eating less because you're more satisfied. You'll also find in eating more of the right foods your waistline shows up again.
9. Include healthy fats in your diet. You need them to help you burn fat. They keep you full and satisfied longer so that you don't overeat at the next meal. Consider coconut oil the star of the show lately. With its medium chain fats, even thought it's a saturated fat, it promotes fat loss and does not contribute to cholesterol. You're going to hear more about this fat allstar and using it inside and out for health.
10. Exercise right. Moving more is an often recommended tactic for weight control and toning up. What's neglected is the specific recommendations. No core exercise will rid you of belly fat. The lifestyle habits above in combination with the right intensity aerobic and resistance exercise will move that mountain most effectively. Right now high intensity intervals are all the rage. Too much of a good thing can over tax adrenal glands and backfire on you. Mix up intensity and duration of exercise for a good balance. If you're prone to over doing try a long slow walk on alternate days along with your harder exercise.By
The 10 Step Cortisol-Insulin Cure For Boomer Belly Fat


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