Monday, May 5, 2014

The Number 1 Home Remedy For Age Spots - How to Get Rid of Them Forever

Are you looking for a home remedy for age spots that will fade your spots away and improve your skin? There sure are many other alternatives, like a dermatologic treatment, laser therapy, or chemical peels. But how about something you can do at home?
A home remedy for age spots can be interpreted as something you make on your own, or a cream you buy online to use at home.
Using for example lemon or cucumber juice on your skin can lighten up spots, and you may see results after a few months. But this is not the home remedy I think is the number one treatment for these spots.
The best remedy I have found is a cream I bought online. There are lots of age spot creams out there that sure do reduce spots, but they also often irritate the skin. That is because of harsh chemical bleaching agents like hydroquinone.

The no.1 home remedy for age spots is in my experience a natural cream with the ingredient extrapone nutgrass root, which is proven to reduce melanin in the skin with over 40%.
It is the skin pigment melanin which causes aging spots, because when we age (or sunbathe excessively) the melanin in the skin increases and spots appear.
Even if the other natural home remedies may work, since they bleach the skin, they are far from as effective as a natural cream with scientifically proven ingredients which reduce the melanin.
Another benefit from a skin cream is that it moisturizes the skin at the same time, unlike lemon or cucumber which may be drying to the skin. So what I suggest is that you look for a natural anti-aging, spot lightening cream with proven ingredients like nugrass root, cynergytk, natural vitamin E and phytessence wakame.By
The Number 1 Home Remedy For Age Spots - How to Get Rid of Them Forever


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