Friday, June 13, 2014

Tight Chest, Runny Eyes, Itchy Nose? You Could Have a Cat Allergy!

Can It Be Cured? In A Word, NO! But It Can Be Endured Learn More Below Instantly!
You walk into a room and there it confronts you. The feline nightmare: Instantly panic strikes, your breathing is hampered and anxiety hits you as your eyes start to water. You've been hit by a cat allergy!
These symptoms are by no means alone they have companions that cover a multitude of sins including sinus pain, hives, runny nose maybe even itching. All these come in groups and take you unaware and suddenly.
Don't worry there are no cats present in this article just some solid advice on what to do if you suffer from cat allergy, what causes the majority of cases and a possible(?) cure.
What causes these awful reactions anyway?
For a long time it was thought that the fur of animals was the irritant, it is not! It is a substance called a protein. Now without getting all technical this is present in Dander and Saliva. They can be airborne and microscopic. This is why they attack the lungs and nasal passages, they are breathed in.
What is an allergy?
This is where the body over reacts to a foreign body on this occasion the Dander. Part of the bodies defence is to produce Histamines these help it fight what it thinks are diseases. When the body goes into overdrive and produces too much Histamine an allergic reaction occurs.
Can I catch An Allergy?
No, not strictly catch. What does happen is that, even if you have not suffered before, your body has to produce enough of these Histamine antibodies to cause the reaction. This can take years to do or if the hit is big enough a few hours.
Are There Any Other Symptoms Than Those Mentioned Before?
I have included a list of the most common reactions for you:
Throat Symptoms
Need to clear the throat often.
Eye Symptoms
Skin Symptoms
Itchy rash,
Ear Symptoms
There are more serious symptoms that involve the lungs
Frequent coughing,
Tightness of the chest,
Shortness of breath
These are by no means all the symptoms but the most frequent and common. Remember if you suspect an allergy no matter how mild always seek proper medical assistance.
Is there anything that can be done?
In the extreme circumstances the rehousing of the cat is the only real option. In nearly all other cases there is the possibility that something called Immunotherapy. Put simply this is where you slowly increase the exposure to the problem until such time as the symptoms stop. That is each time your body reacts the reaction gets less as you are more use to the irritant than previous times of exposure. Thus increasing your tolerance to the allergens. Due to the fact that this method treats the cause but does not hide the symptoms it is one of the most effective treatments there is.
If the cat needs to be rehoused then please rehouse it. Do not simply put an indoor cat outdoors. This is just not right. An indoor cat will be terrified outdoors as it has no experience of the big outdoor world and at the end of the day it was not the cats fault you had an allergic reaction was it?
Hopefully this has explained a few things in relation to cat allergies to you and painted a clearer picture about the causes, the symptoms, and a possible cure? As with all things medical if you are in doubt please go and seek proper, professional help regarding the condition. This article is only intended to inform of the problem of cat allergies and give a possible help to those that suffer from it.


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