Friday, June 6, 2014

Wrinkle Treatment - Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Other Aging Problems "Cause and Treatment" Revealed

No one wants to admit that they need to begin using a wrinkle treatment, but when you get older, it becomes a fact of life. So you should look for the best wrinkle treatment possible, even though this task is not easy.
First, there are so many different wrinkle treatments to choose from that it is hard to know where to start. There have been a great number wrinkle treatments and anti aging products placed on the market in the past couple of years. In the first half of this year, 2009, over $10 billion dollars worth of skin care products have been sold, and many of them were anti aging products.
Second, most of us do not know what is causing our excessive aging and wrinkling of our skin. Perhaps, if you knew what was causing your skin to age, you could better find a wrinkle treatment that really work to make your skin look younger again.
Let me explain how we get wrinkles: The skin has two proteins that make your skin supple and firm. The first of these is collagen, which is a connective component that connects your tissues and skin. It is an important protein that provides mechanical stability to your body.
But collagen is also a cosmetic protein as well, because it makes up strong fibers to make your skin firm and elastic which is what gives you a youthful appearance.
But when you begin to age, the collagen in your skin breaks down, which causes your skin to become less firm and sag. This is what sends you searching for a good wrinkle treatment to fix your skin.
Unfortunately, you can't simply rub collagen onto your skin and expect it to have any effect, because the molecules cannot get through the skin's barrier. But there are compounds that can penetrate the body that will help rejuvenate the existing collagen in your skin. These ingredients rejuvenate your skin's collagen, and reverse the breakdown, which makes your skin regain its more youthful appearance.
The second protein in the skin is Elastin. Elastin is what makes your skin elastic. This is the protein that helps shape your skin and give you supple skin that is both flexible and firm. Like collagen, Elastin breaks down with age, which is why you need to use a wrinkle treatment to correct this problem.
It should now be much easier for you to find a wrinkle treatment or anti aging treatment that will work for your skin. You now know the two most important proteins to getting a youthful appearance, so when you purchase a product, you should look for a wrinkle treatment that can rejuvenate your collagen and elastin levels.
Look for a wrinkle treatment that contains highly effective ingredients like Edelweis Extract, DMAE and Dermox SRC among others. These breakthrough ingredients work deeply on the collagen and elastin on your skin, but make sure you do business with reputable brands manufactures companies only.By


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