Sunday, July 13, 2014

Chronic Gas and Bloating - 3 Tips to End Chronic Gas & Bloating!

Are you constantly suffering from chronic gas and bloating and curious why this is and how to fix it? Well today I'll describe 3 ways to reduce or eliminate chronic gas without seeing a doctor and best of all my final suggestion will help you to cure yourself of frequent gas and a host of other digestive problems you likely suffer from as well!
3 Tips to End Chronic Gas and Bloating
#1: Stop drinking with meals: You need at least 30 minutes before eating to stop drinking liquids in order for your body to be able to produce sufficient amounts of stomach acid to properly digest your foods. If this can't take place then you will find that you will suffer endlessly from digestive problems. As well drinking during or within 2 hours following a meal will also cause problems that will end up in gas, bloating and other digestive problems.
#2: Use Probiotics:
These beneficial bacteria will help your body to digest foods more effectively once they reach your colon and more importantly these bacteria are needed to break down the substances in foods that cause gas to begin with. You can actually add probiotics to beans with a little water for example and leave them overnight and by the next morning the component that causes gas in the bean will have been eliminated.
#3: Candida Cleanse: The most common cause of chronic digestive problems is a yeast known as Candida Albicans. This fungus grows in approximately 90% of the worlds population, generally if you have any health problems whatsoever or have ever had to use antibiotics you have a Candida problem. The symptoms caused by it are almost endless, however it is especially problematic when it comes to digestive problems, specifically those of gas and bloating. If you read the suggestion above regarding probiotics then you realize that these good bacteria actually help the digestive process and reduce symptoms like gas. Well when you have a Candida overgrowth your good bacteria are suppressed by this yeast, and until it is until control you will continue to have digestive problems.


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