Monday, July 14, 2014

White Toenails Treatments and Prevention

Having white toenails is a sign of a toenail fungus infection in most cases. Fortunately there are remedies and preventative measures that you can take before the condition worsens.
Toenail fungus may start its development by a thickening of the infected nail. The nail may become foggy at this point and develop colored or discolored spots. Toenail fungus may be white, brown, black, yellow, and even green. At this point nails may become brittle and start flaking off. You may experience a slight pain in your toe as you apply pressure on it. You may also notice a little odor coming from the infected toenail.
Minimizing Risks Of Getting Toenail Fungus
It's important to realize that the most important step in curing your toenail fungus is to actually take preventative measures so you don't get it back. The significance of this step is often overlooked.
Toenail fungus infection risks can be reduced by taking several precautionary measures. Make sure that you always wear sandals around public pool areas, locker rooms, gyms, and any other moist public areas. Trimming your toenails should be done carefully. Make sure you do not trim the nail too far back otherwise you might cause minor cuts on the toe. Finally, always wear clean dry socks and dry shoes. Make sure your shoes do not fit too tightly.
There are many ineffective anti-fungal medications out there that do more harm to your body than good. Some prescription drugs can cause kidney and liver diseases. I urge you to not take these extreme drugs to cure your fungus. In most cases it really isn't worth the risks.
The best treatment that I found for my white toenails was first taking a warm shower. I did this so I could then easily file back my thick nail. This will increase absorption of the treatment. Make sure if you do this that you do not file the nail too much. After filing, I soaked my feet in beer for 30 minutes twice a day. Beer has anti fungal properties and you'll be surprised how good it works. After my beer treatment, I applied a natural topical treatment.
This treatment took about two weeks to start seeing noticeable results. I'm sure with a little perseverance and determination you'll cure your fungus as well.


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