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5 Natural Wart Removal Home Remedies

Let's face it; most of us would want to have an unblemished and smooth skin. That's why we make sure that we should give the proper care to avoid any skin problems. But even if how meticulous we are in taking care of our body, there are instances where our skin can be susceptible to disorders such as pimples, lesions, and in some cases having warts. And talking about warts, it may prove to be nasty and it will keep on coming back no matter how we try to get rid of it. In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective wart removal home remedies for those who are seeking better alternative of removing warts on the body.
Knowing the Enemy
Before we talk about the effective home treatments for removing warts, let's try to know more about this skin disorder and how come it keeps on coming back. In simple terms, wart is an abnormal growth on the skin that is caused by a particular virus called Human Papillomavirus. Warts usually grow in oval shape and are painless and cancerous. Even so, this skin disorder can be contagious and it should be treated immediately. Warts have the tendency of growing back into the skin after being removed because the virus causing it is not completely eradicated on the skin. It is recommended that after the wart removal is done, you must always make sure to clean thoroughly the area where the wart was located so that it won't grow back again.
Home Items for Wart Removal
We are all aware that there are known medications that can be used for treating warts, but for those who seek a cheap yet effective alternative of getting rid of this nasty skin problem here's the list of helpful wart removal home remedies:
1. Aloe Vera - this plant has been a proven wart treatment in the past. Apply some aloe vera gel on a piece of cotton and place it on the affected area of the skin and let it stay there for a while. Do the same procedure at least 5-7 times a day. If this is done frequently for the next few days, you will notice that the wart is diminishing in size and it will be completely removed.
2. Banana Peel - don't throw those peeling just yet because they can also be used as an effective wart remover. Simply rub the banana peeling on the wart area and within 2 weeks it will clear away. Make sure that you should rub the peeling several times a day to achieve the desired result.
3. Apple Cider Vinegar and lime juice - these 2 types of extracts are also known wart removal home remedies. Just soak a piece of cotton on any of these 2 liquids and apply on the wart and if done continuously, it will slowly melt away. Moreover, the virus causing the warts is also removed by the citric acid of the liquids.
4. Garlic - this can also be used as one of the wart removal home remedies. Crush 3 cloves of garlic, remove the skin, and place it around the wart area and cover it with a bandage overnight. Remove the bandage in the morning and you will notice a blister, which is a positive indication that the wart will be gone in one week.
5. Duct tape - this is one conventional way of removing warts. Simply cover the wart area with duct tape and change it after some time. The wart will be remove after a month and it works most of the time, but always put in mind to clean the area were the wart was located to prevent it from coming back.
NOTE: These wart removal home remedies can be use in all wart cases except for warts which can be found on the genital area. Warts growing from these parts of the body may be signs of cervical cancer, so it's best to consult a physician for more accurate diagnosis.
Having warts can really be embarrassing, but removing them need not be a hassle. By considering some of the best wart removal home remedies mentioned above, surely you can say bye-bye to your warts and live a happy and healthy life.By Dave Tigan Morley


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