Sunday, August 24, 2014

How To Relieve Chronic Joint Inflammation-5 Easy Steps To Relieve Chronic Joint Inflammation

Ever wake up with the inability to move or with stiffness in the morning? Perhaps with a bit of redness around the joint area? Have you felt a bit of warmth around your joints? Chances are that you might be showing symptoms of chronic joint inflammation. Many people within the US are suffering from a kind of arthritis. There are 50 million people in the US that experience these symptoms every morning and feel so helpless.
Chronic Joint inflammation can become a disease that causes our bodies to attack itself. When joint inflammation goes untreated people get conditions such as: coronary artery disease, arthritis, cancer, and many others. So what can you do to improve this condition? Well here are a few things that you can do to start feeling better:
1. Omega 3 fatty acids- a high quality supplement of Omega 3 can help the body have a more profound primary inflammatory response and minimizes chronic joint inflammation which is the cause of pain and suffering.
2. Supplements- supplements that are rich in plant enzymes such as bromelain behave like a catalyst for the repair of our cells. When it's taken on an empty stomach these enzymes break down the by products of inflammation which helps clear the way for cellular repairs. Foods that you can eat that are high in enzymes are: extra virgin olive oil, raw honey, grapes, figs, avocados, dates, bananas, papaya, pineapple, kiwi, and oranges.
3. Probiotics- also known as "good bacteria" interact with micro flora in the gastrointestinal tract to produce beneficial health effects. They also help ward off an invasion of less friendly microbes that cause an infection. Research has shown that Bifidobacterium a type of probiotic has been known to reduce arthritis symptoms. Also it has been known that probiotics can help the body with immune defense.
4. Diet- a diet low in Omega 6 can also help with chronic joint inflammation. That means that a diet that avoids meat, dairy, baked goods, flour products, and grains. A diet high in Omega 6 can cause the immune system to bypass primary inflammation which leads to chronic joint inflammation.
5. Water - water helps to flush out our toxins. Our body is 70% water, and many researchers believe that acidosis, or an excess of acid in our body might be the direct cause of unhealthy inflammatory conditions.
There are many ways and alternatives to chronic inflammation, research is key and don't forget to consult with your Doctor before you try to change your diet.


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