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How to Lose Back Fat Fast and Simple

What exactly is back fat
Back fat is something you definitely need to lose one way or another. It's that fat which makes your shirts look awkward on you from behind. This stubborn back fat shakes while you walk giving people the impression of how careless you seem about your health. It is one of the many things that could bring down your self-steam and confidence.
As human nature implies, we all love ourselves and do not wish to have things like back fat bugging us whenever we look at the mirror or try a new shirt. Thus, we desperately look for ways to lose it. We search fitness shops, health websites, E-books and CD sets. Did we find what we are looking for? We might, but The end result is that we still walk holding that fat on our backs. More on that in a minute.
Why do we have to lose back fat specifically
We all know that losing fat from the body as a whole is important. But your back fat is the most scary type. You need a healthy back for a stand-tall walk, for a good looking shape, for a sleep order, for satisfying your marriage physical needs - did i rephrase this one in a relevant and polite way? - and if your work needs lifting any sort of weight, then you are definitely need to be reading this and implying it or you will crash eventually. In one sentence, if you do not have a fat-free back, you are simply too weak to realize how weak you are.
how to lose back fat quickly with no holy grail techniques
Many people having the back fat problem search for an easy way to lose it. Actually, there is. But let's first talk about one thing before you decide whether to follow my method or not. Because what i am going to tell you in the next few paragraphs is exactly what happens to the unwary reader looking for a solution to their back fat dilemma. Let me tell you a story.
"Same fat by the easy way out"
Our character is John. He is a guy that has lots of back fat which he can't get rid of. He opens his browser, types in the search box: "how to lose back fat fast" and gets tons of results. He chooses the most compelling titles. He starts with a site that promises you that if you buy this E-book, you will lose back fat in a week. He buys the book, he reads it. After he finishes reading, the book ends up in the deep caves of his hard drive. And the back fat is till there. Sounds familiar?
Why did John lost his money and gained nothing from a long book? The answer is simply because either he was too lazy to do what the book suggested in order to lose back fat, or the book did not provide any so-called "quick ways to lose back fat" at all. Either ways, people like me would expect that to happen to John just because he wants it fast. The books is over-estimating the speed of success and John can not find it as fast to be done as assumed by the book author. The book and John are not for each other.
John moves on to the next search. He finds a website offering CD packages that will make anyone lose back fat in 1 week. John thinks for a while then he decides: "Why not try?" And he buys the CD package. John watches the videos, John finishes them. And ends up doing nothing. Why? because John have realized that the video material is all about exercises. "This is not what i signed up for" John complains. What happens to the CD sets then? Yes, you guessed it, they end up where the E-book were sent. And like the first scenario he did not lose any back fat.
John decides that he had enough of purchasing. So he searches for some free tips on the web teaching about his target: how to lose back fat "fast". He still believes in the "fast" theory. So he reads loads of health and fitness related sites and there comes the shocking fact. Most of the websites he visits turn out to be selling something related to the fat loss industry. What a waste of time that was! End of story.
Dear surfers, the harsh fact is, while you are looking for a real way to lose back fat, the fat loss is an online business. Authors and publishers make a living off of desperate guys like John. I shouldn't be saying this but, there is nothing you will buy will make you lose back fat in a week. Not supplements, not vitamins, not some super ingredient and definitely not E-books or CD packages.
Let me tell you why. And the only way i can tell you the reason is by telling you how the human body works. The human body is an amazing and complex thing. It accumulates either muscle, fat or both in different rates depending on your rate of metabolism. Bodies with high metabolism tend to burn fat fast and they won't even be reading this article right now. Bodies with low metabolism is meant to burn calories slow and that might keep some excessive fat in their bodies.
By that, it becomes obvious that the only way to lose back fat or any body part fat is by increasing our metabolism. And the fastest way to increase your metabolism is by something that everyone in our world has heard of. It's called push-ups. Now before you hate me just listen to this. Have you ever saw a lady doing push-ups? If you did, have you ever saw a lady doing it to lose her back fat and observed whether she successfully did or not? I did.
The male body reacts to push-ups more than a woman body does. Women gain muscle slower than men. And when they do, they do not easily turn that muscle into shaped muscle. They just easily look attractive to us men. Which is fine by them. My experience lies into two persons: Myself and a female colleague.
We both had the same issue, we wanted to lose that stubborn back fat but we were desperate. Instead of searching the web for the answer to this problem, i started working out. Every practice that i tried, i couldn't keep up with. Except for the push-ups. In a nutshell, i spent four weeks doing them and now i have no back fat at all. Actually by now i wouldn't in a million years i would have become an athlete. But here i am. My colleague was smart enough to follow. So she did it as well but i was suspicious that she might take a lot longer to sustain good shape. To my surprise she not only lost her back fat in less than 6 weeks, but she also seemed to have a change of the whole body shape. You know what i mean, she became hot!
Look, by offering you push-ups is by all senses of logic like offering you the holy grail. Here is why:
- It is free.
- It only takes 30 minutes a day. You will do 10 push-ups every 5-7 minutes four times. Meaning 40 push-ups a day. If 10 is so hard for you, do not panic just do the best count that you can four times a day till you achieve the 10 counts. And guess what, you eventually will be able to do more than that.
- It is the ultimate enemy of fat, especially the back fat. Why? because you have to lift your body with arms, chest and upper back muscle. If you do not have any muscle in those areas, It builds them for you and takes away their fat! Your lower back gets stretched hard as you lift so it maintains shape and burns this unwanted lower back fat as well.
- It might seems hard in your first week only. But in the weeks to come it becomes not only easy but also a habit. Yes, you heard me, you will be addicted to it. You will not find a healthy addiction like that.
- It provides strength to your arms, legs, back, chest and lower neck.
- Works like charm for anybody in this universe. A man, a woman, a child, a teenager, an old man. Makes fat people lose fat and gives thin people enough muscle to gain back some weight and look good. Beat these advantages with your super ingredient or E-book if you can. But i know you can not.
What to eat with this easy system
- Start your first week with five eggs daily. 3 in the morning and 2 in the evening. The eggs role is to make sure the fat you lose off your back is replaced with muscle to ensure increasing your metabolism. More muscle equals more metabolism. You will also maintain good shape for your back while removing the back fat at the same time.
- The next 3 weeks, eat 4 eggs a day. 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening for the rest of the month.
- The fourth week will only need 2 eggs in the morning and 1 in the evening.
- Eat carbohydrates if you will but do not eat more than the proteins (eggs) you eat. Best results will be if you eat carbohydrates right before and right after the push-ups. Do not worry about it, push-ups will direct those to building your muscle and increasing your blood supply.
- drink enough water whenever you can. Practicing needs water. Muscles being built need water.
Now this thing is for men and women. I want someone to look me in the eye and tell me it does not work. It works folks. I will not tell you to try it or give you some motivation to do it. It's just sad when the solution to your ultimate fears is before your eyes and you pass it. So there you are. I just showed you how to lose back fat, please do it.By


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