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Skin Tags - Facts and Treatment of Skin Tags

A skin tag is a growth consisting of a bit of skin that protrudes from the body. They are most commonly found in wrinkled skin or fold areas of the body such as the armpits, sides of the neck and in the groin area. Skin tags are also commonly found on the eyelids and around the eye.

Skin tags are a very common condition, occurring much more frequently during and after middle age. They develop in both men and women with age. They can be skin color, or darker and can range from 1mm to 5mm in size.

Skin tags are a benign condition, but can be very unsightly. Most people don't know that a very simple treatment, Heal Skin Tags, is readily available for skin tag removal.

Facts of Skin Tags

A skin tag is purely skin. There is an overlap of outer skin that encases an inner layer of skin. For this reason they are rarely harmful and any paid or discomfort from skin tags is usually because they have been rubbed or irritated regularly.

It is most common to find skin tags around the neck, upper chest, shoulders, armpits, eyelids and the groin. Wearing a collar or walking can skin tags that are in the wrong place and this is why most people consider removal. The removal is a very simple procedure that in some cases can be completed by your physician.
A skin tag can be removed by using liquid nitrogen to freeze it off or through a simple surgical procedure. This procedure will only usually involve a local anesthetic to numb the area around the skin tags although depending on the place and the size of skin tags a general anesthetic may be the preferred option.

Skin tags are benign, meaning they are non cancerous. It is very unusual for a biopsy to be performed on skin tags but this may be an option that your physician wants to look at. A biopsy means that a small part (or the whole area) of the skin tags are sent away to the laboratory to be tested..
While the operation is painless and very straightforward there is no need to have skin tags removed unless they are getting rubbed or irritated on a regular basis. You should seriously consider whether it is absolutely necessary before requesting a removal.

Treatment of Skin Tags

1. Skin tags are usually harmless and painless and need no special treatment. However in some severe condition and for cosmetic reasons some treatments are done.

2. Cryotherapy: Your doctor may destroy skin tags and some small, early skin cancers by freezing them with liquid nitrogen. The dead tissue sloughs off when it thaws.

3. Tying off the tag with a thread or suture so as to cut off the blood supply may also be the treatments which are done.

4. Doctors remove skin tags with sharp scissors, a sharp blade. This need a lot of care and a risk of infection is always there. So, this should always be done by a regular practitioner.

5. Bleeding can be stopped with a chemical such as aluminum chloride or electric treatment. Because skin tags are only a cosmetic concern, not a medical problem, most health insurance plans will not pay for their removal.


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